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Blue Eye Video Inc. becomes Foxstream Inc.

Innovative Queue Management Solution for Airports and Airlines

Foxstream (Formerly Blue Eye Video )

Will Help You Enhance Travel Experience

“Blue Eye Video” provides our customers with the ability to make informed choices. For the first time, we can now advise Dulles patrons of the actual line waits in each of our security screening mezzanines. In addition to providing passengers with the information they need to self-select to the shortest queue, “Blue Eye Video” also provides TSA Managers with the information they need to make timely staffing decisions. The “Blue Eye Video” Team was very responsive to the needs of Dulles International Airport, and worked tirelessly to implement a cost-effective and reliable system that is bringing immediate value to our customers’ travel experience.

Christopher U. Browne , Airport Manager, Washington Dulles International Example of Wait Times: http://www.flydulles.com/iad/security-information

The Blue Eye Video queue measurement sensors are particularly effective when the queues have no fixed starting point or the ceiling is particularly high.(...)
CDG 2E was the pilot site for Aéroports de Paris and numerous competing technologies have been deployed. Regarding the problem of high ceilings, the most flexible and most effective is Blue Eye Video solution.

Jacques Grossin , Director of Terminal Systems Unit, Charles de Gaulle Airport

We manage more than 500 000 people per day and still counting...

Different solutions for different needs:

  • Queue Management Solution

    Greater demands on terminal space require improved methods of real-time people traffic measurement. Managing passengers’ wait time is crucial to transportation business performance, allowing more time to be spent in retail and preventing costly delayed departures.

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  • Queue Measurement

    Foxstream solution FoxQMS uses an innovative approach to compute directly the number of people present in a specified area. This robust software gives you the accurate number of people present using image processing.

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  • People Counter

    Foxstream solution FoxCounter is an 95% accurate bi-directional people counter. This sensor enable you to know instantaneously the activity in an area.

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  • Dashboard & data gathering

    Foxstream solution FoxQMS provides a direct access to your main dashboards. A simple and ergonomic interface allows you to visualize and export all the important Key Performance Indicators.

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